Hazardous Waste Appointment Request

The Household Hazardous Waste Program is a service for Kent County households only. No materials from business, schools, institutions or commercial farmers can be accepted.

You may request an appointment online for the Kentwood, North Kent (Rockford) and Northwest Grand Rapids centers.

To schedule an appointment at the Wyoming Center, please call (616) 261-3564.

Contact Information

I am a Kent County Resident disposing of household waste only.
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Appointment Request

HHW Center Drop-Off Days Hours
Kentwood Tuesday 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm*
Grand Rapids Wednesday 7:30 am - 11:30 am*
Rockford Friday 8:30 am - 11:30 am*
Wyoming Call (616) 261-3564
Periodic Saturday collections are scheduled where no appointment is required.

* Please note any scheduling constraints in the Questions/Comments box below.

Waste/Material to be Disposed

Automotive, Cleaning, Poisons & Pesticides, Home Care, Workshop & Painting Supplies, Flammable Products, Miscellaneous
Automotive Products Size/Qty
Carburetor / fuel injection cleaner
Fuel additive
Motor oil
Starter fluid
Transmission & brake fluid
Wax & Cleaner

Cleaning Products Size/Qty
Bleach (laundry)
Degreaser & Spot Remover
Drain cleaner
Oven cleaner
Polish, Wax
Tub, tile, shower cleaner
Wood, metal cleaners & polish

Poisons & Pesticides Size/Qty
Flea repellent & shampoo
Fungicide & Disinfectant
Houseplant insecticide
Moth repellent
Mouse, rat poisons & baits

Home Maintenance & Workshop Supplies Size/Qty
Adhesive, caulking & glue
Deck, patio & chimney cleaner
Latex paint  
Oil based paint & stain
Paint stripper / remover
Solvent cleaning fluid
Roof coating, sealant
Thinner & turpentine
Wood Preservative

Flammable Products Size/Qty
*Diesel fuel
*Gas/oil mix
*Home heating oil
Lighter fluid
Propane tanks (small camping- & torch-types only)
Propane tanks (BBQ grill sized or larger)
White Gas (Coleman fuel)

* 10 gallons maximum

+Tanks over 1 lb not accepted by the Household Waste program, but can be disposed at the North Kent or South Kent disposal sites.

Miscellaneous Size/Qty
Fluorescent light bulbs
Inks and Dyes
Mercury thermostats or thermometers
Photo & Pool Chemicals
Fire Extinguishers

The online appointment request is made available to simplify your participation at our HHW collections. This allows for you to request an appointment only. The specific time, location and directions to the HHW collection center will be confirmed via email or phone.